Nanode RF - DS1307 RTC

Hi Folks,

Does anyone know if swapping a DS1307 RTC to the Nanode RF just a simple solder in replacement for the MCP7941x as it appears or are there additional hardware changes required?

Many thanks


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Re: Nanode RF - DS1307 RTC

The nanodeRF guide :

The MCP79410 / MCP79411 / MCP79412 RTC/SRAM/MAC chip uses the I2C Bus (A4 & A5).

So yes, you can replace the RTC with a DS1307. But I should not replace it with an 1307 because it's an very inaccurate RTC clock, it lacks temperature compensation. ( I can know, I had one in my aquarium light hood for timing). You should choice a DS1340 very accurate! just buy one of these plugs on ebay.. about $5 and plug it on the A4,A5 connectors..




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Re: Nanode RF - DS1307 RTC

Hi Alco,

That is great...components ordered. 

Thanks a lot.


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