UGI U6 Gas meter with cut off cable

I've got a UGI U6 metric gas meter that was fitted in 1999. It has a 4-core cable coming out from under the dial that has just been cut off with the end pushed behind the meter.

I assume this connects to some sort of pulse counter built into the meter. Does anyone have any idea what each of the 4-cores are likely to be, or how to go about testing. If it's a reed switch, would checking the resistance between pairs of wires with a multimeter work?




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Re: UGI U6 Gas meter with cut off cable

Hi Andy,

I have a new Elster BK-G16M meter installed by my supplier in January with reed switch pulse counting assy IN-Z61 attached.  This has 4 terminals on an RJ11 modular socket on the underside of the module.

If you look at the pdf you will see that the outer terminals on the IN-Z61 are labelled 'alarm' so it may be that of your meter's 4 wires 2 are for anti-tamper when connected to a recording device.  They can probably be ignored for your project's purposes.

I'm not currently picking up the pulses but do plan to do so in my OEM project.

I hope that helps.


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Re: UGI U6 Gas meter with cut off cable

If it has a reed switch, a multimeter will show that. I think the likeliest is one pair of wires will be a short-circuit loop that is used to assure that the meter is still on the end, and the other pair will be the reed switch.

Though I think it unlikely, it might possibly be an optical beam-break detector, an emitter LED on one pair and a photo-transistor detector on the other. If your multimeter has a transistor tester, that might respond to the transistor part, but the emitter LED is likely to need more voltage than your meter can supply, and you'd need to feed that with current before the transistor would react.

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Re: UGI U6 Gas meter with cut off cable

Thanks for the replies.

Testing with a multimeter indicates that three of the cores are shorted together, and you get 2 pulses per revolution between any of these three and the remaining (red) core.


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