Zwave/Insteon Plug Monitoring Data to via ISY

Hi  I am new here.  I've been looking for a great energy monitoring site and this looks/seems great.  I have a few questions before I decide that hardware/configuration to implement...

My home automation controller is the Universal Devices ISY:

It is an Insteon based controller, that has recently added Zwaye.  It can also be configured for Zigbee (but not both Zwave and Zigbee at the same time, one or the other).  It is compatible with the Brultech GEM if using Zigbee.

In addition to circuit monitoring, I would like to monitor some individual plugs.  There are both Insteon and Zwave plug adapters that monitor energy use of the individual plug.  There is even a new Zwave power strip that monitors power from each plug in the strip.

My question is, does anyone know if that plug data can be sent from the ISY to and if so, how?  I know the ISY and other Insteon/Zwave controllers can track power usage data and transmit that info, but I don’t know anything about how to do it and what form the data needs to be to feed to  If anyone has information about this it would be very welcome.

Also, assuming this can be done, will I be able to "subtract" that data from the total circuit usage as sent by the GEM, so it is not double counted in my total/curtain usage?


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Re: Zwave/Insteon Plug Monitoring Data to via ISY

The data formats needed by emoncms are listed in the website ( create yourself an account then go to the Inputs page and follow the link to Input APi help ( ) you need an account on the system first.

So assuming you know a little bit of scripting you should be able to follow the examples in the Universal Devices API manual, to grab the right data and then reformat it to send on to emoncms.

My suggestion would be to work on getting the data out first and then move on to getting the data into emoncms.

Alternatively if there is a webservice for the data you want you could look at using node-red


There was a modification posted recently that allowed you to do calculations based on the output of one data stream in another.  So yes your subtract data should be possible going forward ( not sure if that mod has made it to yet)







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Re: Zwave/Insteon Plug Monitoring Data to via ISY

Thanks ukmoose

Your information is helpful.  My limitation is I'm no good at scripting.  I am writing a detailed post on the ISY forums discussing/asking about this.  Maybe a smart guy there or here will jump in with me.  When I complete that post, I will post a link in this thread.



If you are interested below is a link to a detailed discussion of the topic on the UD ISY Green forum.  I quoted your reply from above into that thread.



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