Availability of emonTx PCB

I noticed the partlist of the EmonTx device, but I cannot find the main pcb in the list.

Is it only for self production ? Or Is it  available on the net (cannot find it..) ?

the JeeNode v6 PCB is very different from the layout of emonTx 2.0.....

Has the Arduino board been discarted because it watt consumption ?


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Re: Availability of emonTx PCB


Thanks for your interest.

We are working towards opening our online shop in the next few week or so. We will be selling the emonTx PCB as well as the emonTx and the other hardware units in kit form. Please fill in the online interest form and we will get back to you.

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Re: Availability of emonTx PCB

I know that starting & managing the e-shop can take more time than any forcast :-)

I would like to as for a "temporary bill of material, based on actual Arduino/JeeNode board"


Which  board is more adviced, to start programming and testing :

a) An Arduino board, with some shields ( next questions: 1) which board arduino board fit best ? 2) which shields to choose ?)

b) a JeeNode V6 board, and some plugins ( next questions: 1) which plugins fit best ?)


I would prefer to work with standard Arduino boards (JeeNode is less diffused) but if your advice is to some specific JeeNode.....



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Re: Availability of emonTx PCB

Hi Glyn,

I want to get up and running with the emon ASAP. What's the progress on the store? Will it actually be available before the end of March? If not, I'm considering getting the PCBs made myself.




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Re: Availability of emonTx PCB

Hi Kevin, Yes, they will definitely be available by the end of March. We plan to launch on the 19th March. Thanks for your patience. All the best,

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Re: Availability of emonTx PCB

Hi Glyn, Me too. I can't wait to get my hands on my first kit or pre-built whatever comes first. Great work, your project is really informative and its exciting - I've no previous experience in this arena. I'm buying an Arduino Uno tomorrow because I can't wait to follow one of your projects How to build an arduino energy monitor this weekend (Bank Holiday here in Ireland), when your ready with RanodeRFX I can add (soon I hope). Your instructions on Dashboard were great and it took only a few hours to get working in Firefox (a bit to do for IE - dials not working). Please hurry with shop.




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