CT measurement

have a 6kw solar setup on 2 wires (ct1 and ct2)
when i connect emonTx wiht CT1 and CT2 i get this readings. (see graph)


What i dont get is that it start out OK, but after a while ct2 is falling in readings.
like it is invertet. Anybody seen this behavior before.

It follows the CT clamp, so if i switch 1 and 2 its still on the same CT clamp.

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Re: CT measurement

Try clipping on CT 2 to opposit way round. Are CT1 and CT2 measuring the same thing? 

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Re: CT measurement

 Found out it is releated to the fase I use for ac/ac voltage readings.

So if i dont use the voltage skech, and set the voltage to 230v it works.

So have to look into how the voltage reading is done, and at what time.


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Re: CT measurement

 Ah right, what do you mean by 'fase'?

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Re: CT measurement

 Phase ?


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