Open Energy Monitor / DIY an Open Energy Monitor

Hi, I'm trying to conduct a smart home experiment and I need more than 50 sets of Open Energy monitor.

But I found the open energy monitor has to be shipped from the UK to the US. Can I buy the EmonTx in the US? And $100 per set of EmonTx is too expensive for me, I wonder if there are any producers selling similar products in the US? Or how much will it take me to produce one set of that?

Thank you!

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Re: Open Energy Monitor / DIY an Open Energy Monitor

The design is open-source so you should be able to use the published information to set up your own manufacturing process where you are. Essentially what you need to do is find a supplier who can use the Eagle CAD files and the parts lists to manufacture and assemble 50-off PCBs. If you go down that route, it would be a nice gesture to make a contribution towards the cost of the development work that Glyn & Trystan have done.

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