Cabling for Temperature Sensors


What cable are people using for DS18B20 temperature sensor networks? The guidance on here says to use Cat5 cable (not flexible enough) or AWG22 3-core cable- I prefer this option as the cable is more flexible and easier to wire. I recently purchased some 3-core cable from an ebay supplier which has been very good;

Problem is it takes weeks to arrive. But I'm struggling to find other suppliers at a reasonable price. What are people using?


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Re: Cabling for Temperature Sensors

I bought some multicore wire from ebay that was advertised as being for model railway signalling. Unfortunately I misclicked and what arrived was 6 core (!) - so I'm stripping the outer and running just three of the cores as it's a bit lower profile.

If anyone has a source of thin white 3 core I'd be very interested!

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Re: Cabling for Temperature Sensors

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Re: Cabling for Temperature Sensors

I just used some telephone cable I had.

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