EmonTH Design Enquiry

Hi Peeps.

Quick question, I was viewing the schematic for the EMONTH v1.4, and on the power circuits, there are 2 regulators??

U$4 TOREX XC6206P332MR



From what I gather they are both just voltage regulators? What gives? Why would there be 2x regulators?



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Re: EmonTH Design Enquiry

XaroRSA, Il ask Glyn to be sure but they are in parallel and IC1 isnt included or soldered in in the standard build available from the shop so Glyn probably put it there as an option if somone wants to install a voltage regulator with a higher current capacity.

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Re: EmonTH Design Enquiry

As standard on the emonTH there is a voltage regulator (torex) and a DC-DC converter there are also voltage regulator pads broken out as test points and possible option of connecting other regulators or Ciseco power pods to enable powering from mini solar pv panel for remote installs 

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