Arduino MEGA 2560 + ethernet Shield + emonTxShield+I2C-LCD


I want to keep my usual configuration (see pictures) and I2C-LCD to read values. 

So i dont use RFM12 and i want to store datas in the memory card associated with the Ethernet card. 

I can't weld the 2*3 pins connector on the emonTx Shield but i think it does not mater in my case.  Isn't it ?

Also the plugs for the TC are reverse mounted to access at the memory card.  

What do you think about all these modifications ?


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Re: Arduino MEGA 2560 + ethernet Shield + emonTxShield+I2C-LCD


My Arduino blocks are beginning to work ! ,

Now i can read some datas on the serial monitor.

But i want to read this datas printed on my I2C-LCD.

I suppose that i have to modify emon.ccp and emon.h in the aim to include LCD printing instead of serial printing.

I tried to begin this change but it is difficult for a beginner like me to get a right new program.

Is there one place where i can find an example done with LCD printing results ?

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