ISM Expected Range

I am very new so if this question has already been answered please just point me in the right direction.

In my installation I have a generation meter in my detached garage and my main supply meter in my house about 40 feet away through some walls. Can I expect a TX unit to reach a Base unit at that distance and through walls? 

I currently monitor a Sunny Boy using Bluetooth (Sunny Explorer) and I have to place the laptop beside a window about 10 feet from the Inverter in the garage. Obviously I would like to improve upon this hence my interest in the OEM project.



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Re: ISM Expected Range

For information, I monitor weather data from outside. The outside board is about 50 feet away from the base, in a wooden shed. The link goes through 3 concrete walls and 1 wooden one, and I didn't get any dropped packet in the past week (it is only running with that setup for a week now!).


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Re: ISM Expected Range

Thank you that sounds like good news. I have one remote meter.



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Re: ISM Expected Range

You may be interested in my SMA inverter project...

which removes the need to run a laptop 24x7 for monitoring

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