eMonTx PCB via to nowhere?


I was looking at the EagleCad PCB file and I've noticed that you have a via that doesn't seem to go anywhere, its on a net called "1 GND"

See attched JPG

Also, I've run the default design rules check and there is a "Width" issue on a pad next to the Ant connection on the RF module, and also an "Width" error on layer 16.
But I don't suppose either of them are real issues.

I've also run some design rules that ITeadStudio etc require, and there are unfortunetly a lot of rule errors. Mainly associated with track spacing :-(

I'm probably going to attempt to move all all offending tracks to see if the board could be manufactured by iTeadStudio.

I'll let you know how I get on.

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Re: eMonTx PCB via to nowhere?

 Hit the 'Rastnest' button on egale cad and you will see it fill in the ground plan on the lower layer.

The Via is interconnecting the ground planes


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Re: eMonTx PCB via to nowhere?


Sorry for my nievity with Eagle.

I was hoping to get some EmonTx manufactured in HongKong (for use in Australia) but the PCB plant has tigher design rules than the default ones in Eagle.

There were initially over 100 issues listed with the board, mostly related to track to track proximity, which I've now solved by some minor rerouting.

I did notice a very long track to a from GND on P3 to a via to GND in the top left of the board, which was causing routing tollerence issues because it was close to the edge of the board and other tracks.

I removed the via and re-routed to the GND close to JP1, battery connector. At the moment I can't see why the track for GND on P3 needs to be routed to the ground plane in the top left of the board, when there is a groud plan available much closer.

Changing this routing doesn't seem to leave any air wires or show any errors.


I've not actually sent the gerbers off yet, because the jack sockets you used don't seem to be available in Australia. So I'll probably need to replace them with parts I can get from Farnell (Element14).

If you want my rerouted board files etc, I can emial them to you, but as I don't know for sure that they work, it could be a bit premature.





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Re: eMonTx PCB via to nowhere?


Did you have any luck getting boards made and sourcing alternate parts?

I'm interested in building an emonTx and emonBase.

Only just came across this forum so this is pretty new to me.




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Re: eMonTx PCB via to nowhere?

We will be opening an online shop to sell the openenergymonitor hardware units in kit form, as well as the individual PCB's in the next few weeks. If your interested please fill in the online interest form and we will get back to you. 


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