Need help in building a handheld meter reader

Hi,  I'm looking for some advise to build a handheld ir pulse meter reader.  For my job I help customers understand energy usage and I would like to build a handheld meter with a display that shows the "instanteous" load being drawn at the time of the reading.


This will involve various meters with different Kh multipliers so i will need to incorporate either a number pad or two buttons to go up and down to enter this value.  I would like for the meter to display kW as well as kWH at the time of ther reading.


I am an engineer and understand some coding and hardware, but this realm is a little new to me.  I need a little help with a parts list first.  The IR receiver will need to be fairly impervious to ambient light.

I thinking the following so far:

(1) Arduino Kit -

(1) Keypad -

(1) Sainsmart LCD DIsplay -

(1) IR Receiver -


Let me know your thoughts, thanks!


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Re: Need help in building a handheld meter reader

Try searching this site for "Elster". That will turn up some hopefully useful information for you.

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