Remote monitor box for Robin's PV router

Having built and run for several months, a PV router with remote RF load based on  calypso_rae software, I wanted to have the ability to see the status of the system from my lounge.

I couldn't find any suitable instructions or previous posts on a simple solution for this task.

I therefore embarked on modifying the excellent existing software to accommodate this function by sending a current CT value and import/export flags to a remote box containing an Arduino Uno, RF12B receiver and 20x04 LCD display.

I also thought it useful to have a value for my current solar panel generation so with Robin's help, once again modified his existing sketch to accommodate a second CT on port CT1 of the eMonTx that sends this value to my remote monitor box. The box is powered with a 9V wall wart PSU.

On the subject of RF12B modules, although the standard surface mount board offered is very nice for custom board installation, it is not so easy to use with an Arduino Uno, being difficult to connect to and requiring logic level conversion on several lines. I came across an e-bay site offering the RF12B mounted on a sub board with standard Arduino type pins and logic level conversion built in; For anyone interested (I found the small extra cost, worth the saving in aggravation), do an e-bay search for: " RFM12B Breakout Board ". He is located in Edinburgh and posts quickly. (I have no relationship other than being a customer).

Below are a couple of pictures of my monitor. Whilst my sketch modifications are probably not very elegant, (I'm new to C++),  I'm happy to share if anyone else is interested. PM me.