Arduino YUN and EmonTX shield - first impressions

Dear all,

last week I received my first Arduino YUN and I have already started the project to use it with an EmonTX shield.

I have seen somewhere in the openenergymonitor site that such project was in progress, but I was not able to find much info.

so I will post here the progress, until I succeed to send proper values to EmonCMS.



Arduino YUN with micro SD card

EmonTX shield with 3 CTs and AC-AC adapter



Arduino YUN is easily configurable by following the online step by step installation I managed to connect it to my local network (wifi connection).

Then it is easy to connect to it remotely with the Arduino Software (new version is needed that supports the YUN) and upload remotely any sketch you like.

EmonTX shield can be connected easily to Arduino YUN, as the pins are alike to Arduino UNO.


After connecting the shield, I tried to upload the first sketch which is the one that exists in github for EmonTX shield and 3 phases current measurement.

The first readings I got where not the same as when the shield is connected to the Arduino UNO.

The reason for this was the function that reads the actual voltage (at the bottom of the script), which differs from UNO to YUN. Here I have to admit that I stuck a little bit, but I was lucky since I found the sketchs of our member "boredman" posted for Arduino Due, which includes all the functions needed for each type of Arduino processor (YUN has different processor than UNO).

Now I am able to get proper measurement and depict it on my Serial Monitor (in Arduino Software).  I can check the measurements in the Serial Monitor even if the device is not connected to my Mac through the USB (wifi), by changing in the sketch the command "serial", with "console" and using at the beginning of the script the below lines:

#include <Console.h>

In setup() initialize the Bridge and Console. 
void setup() {



and thats it.....


Next step to update the sketch to include the code to send the data to emonCMS and also to save them in the SD card...

Any help or proposals are welcome :-)

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Re: Arduino YUN and EmonTX shield - first impressions

I've recently been aware of yun arduino. From specs it can easy replace rf + raspbery PI setup.

Currently i'm running an regular arduino + ethernet shield for 8 months now with great success.

So i see this yum as the next ultimate all in one setup with wifi and logging to SD card running emoncms inside.

My objective will be to use EmonLibPro, greatly improvement from standard emonlib :

Will order a unit in a few days to get started.

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Re: Arduino YUN and EmonTX shield - first impressions

This is really cool!  Thanks for the links.  Chaveiro I'd love to hear more about your setup, I will be ordering a board soon and am planning on doing (almost) the same.

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Re: Arduino YUN and EmonTX shield - first impressions

I have achieved almost the same setup in a cheaper way with my EmonWRT project. Using a wr703n router which is using the same mcu as the Yun. Then it is just a serial connection between emontx and the board.

Great setup I have to say. I use it on several installations.

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