Monitor with burst fire PV controller

I'm about to have solar PV installed, and have asked the installer to include an immersion controller that operates in burst fire mode. He's told me the burst fire controller will cause problems for my energy monitor. I don't understand why.

My monitor is using software based on EmonLib but running on a Microchip PIC. Voltage and current are sampled simultaneously. The sampling is interrupt driven and continuous, about 110 sample pairs per mains cycle. The software is not making any assumptions about the shape of the waveform, so I think it ought to work fine with a burst fire controller in operation.

Does anyone have any comments?

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Re: Monitor with burst fire PV controller

I can easily understand why burst fire will create problems for the discrete sampling sketch, and for at least some of the commercial monitors, but MartinR's PLL sketch and some of Robin Emley's use continuous sampling and are designed to cope with (and do cope with) burst fire control.

So I think your installer is misinformed.

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