Solved - Unable to communicate [UNO+EmonTX Shield with Raspi+RFM12Pi]

Hi guys.

I'm having serious problems with setup, I can't receive anything in my remote account from emoncms (also, my RFM12Pi don't flash).

I've created some nodes using the API, but I can't get them to update, so I'm not receiving any data at all.

My setup:

On the emonBase side I'm running: a Raspberry Pi [Model B.512] with a RFM12Pi [433Mhz] using the oem_gateway22oct2013 image.

On the emonTx side i'm running: an Arduino UNO [using Shield_CT1234.ino file from emonTxShield examples] with an emonTx Shield (v1.0) connected to two CT sensors.


Configs & Status:

Base side:

- I've installed the oemgateway image following this guide:

- The RFM12Pi lights only blinks when I power up the raspi.

- I've change the current settings in the oemgateway.conf file: [SGROUP = 210, FREQUENCY = 4, BASEID= 15 ] 

- I've switch RPI on, kill the process for debug purposes and started by hand - you can see the output in the screenshots.

EmonTX side:

- Current settings are[FREQ RF12_433MHZ, NODEID = 10, NETWORKGROUP = 210]

- The emonTx Shield LED blinks, and you can see the result in the screenshot from serial monitor.


Can anyone help me solving this problem? I've attached a lot of screenshots.

Thank you.

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Re: Solved - Unable to communicate [UNO+EmonTX Shield with Raspi+RFM12Pi]


Solution: RFM12B Slave Select (SS) Solder Jumper Setting was soldered incorrectly.

Thank you all anyway!

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