[Fixed] Is emonGLD "plug&play" like emontx v2?

Hi all:

I just assembled the emonGLCD. It seems it works*

- The test schetch works (leds and so on)

- The solar schetch works too (solarPV.ino)

However, this last schech, shows (tx failed) and is not connecting to the raspberry. Do I need to configure something in the Emoncms?

Appologies if it's a silly question......but I am a little bit lost.




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Re: [Fixed] Is emonGLD "plug&play" like emontx v2?

Hello Francesc, great going building it up! No you wont need to configure anything in emoncms to use the emonGLCD it should just receive the data from the emontx and display it.

Which firware are you running on the emontx? and have you selected the same frequency and group id on both? and how far apart are they?

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Re: [Fixed] Is emonGLD "plug&play" like emontx v2?

Thanks Trystan:

Obviously not......;-)

I reviewed the sketch code and the frequency was wrong. It has started to work as soon I have fixed :-)

However, the solar section shows zero........I think now it's a matter of configuration. (i am using input one for the "main" entrance and the input 2 for measuring the solar (It has a dedicated line that goes to the electricity box),




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