emonGLCD - how to show actual time

Hi, I received a kit today and have successfully assembled. The LCD is a bit wonky (my fault) but otherwise works great.

I am left over with the 3 push button switches which don't get mentioned in the assembly details at all. Now that I look, it's obvious where they go. But now impossible to install as the LCD is in the way. Any ideas ? Would like to have them in, ideally but not at all obvious now .. suggest they are added into the (otherwise fantastic) instructions.

While I am here .. I am running (for now) the HomeEnergyMonitor sketch .. the time in the bottom RHS of the LCD is displaying the *time* since boot (so currently 0:17) .. 

A comment in the sketch says ..

// RTC to reset Kwh counters at midnight is implemented is software.
// Correct time is updated via NanodeRF which gets time from internet

So my question is, what else do I have to do to get the actual time shown on the display ?

*so* impressed with all of this. Really fantastic work. Congratulations !




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Re: emonGLCD - how to show actual time

Sorry, Pat, but I draw your attention to step 19B in the instructions.

I think with a very fine soldering iron you might be able to solder the switches in. The contacts are the pair of pins nearest the edge, and they should just be accessible without touching the backlight. The back pins are the frame for stability and though they would be very hard to get at on the solder side, I think you could solder those from the top.

If you have a NanodeRF or OKG Base connected to the internet, or (I think) an RPi Base running a real-time clock, your emonGLCD should be getting the time from there. Do you have one of those? If not, I'd suggest you could use a switch or combination of switches to set the time, or maybe it is easier to change the sketch to reset the time at power-on to a convenient time when you're available, and power it (or cycle the power) then. But that would lose the history and the daily total.

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Re: emonGLCD - how to show actual time

Yes, a Rasberry Pi base running emoncms v5, 6 or 7, will send the time to an emonGLCD. The interval is set from the emoncms Raspberry Pi menu.

Setting the interval to zero, (the default) disables the time broadcast.


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Re: emonGLCD - how to show actual time

Damn, I somehow missed 19B. I expect I was looking for a picture !

In mitigation (!) none of the subsequent photos show the switches in place, and even the more-or-less final photos with the enclosure attached at step 25 don't have the switches in.

Not a huge deal, will have a go with a fine soldering iron when I am feeling brave.

I am running RPi Base .. so will have a go at getting that to work.

Thanks so much for the help.





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Re: emonGLCD - how to show actual time

I am actually running "Rock-solid RFM2Pi gateway solution" (http://harizanov.com/2013/08/rock-solid-rfm2pi-gateway-solution/) .. from the shop here http://shop.openenergymonitor.com/pre-loaded-raspberry-pi-gateway-4gb-sd-card/

Which seems to work extremely well. 

The oemgateway.conf file contains the following, where sendtimeinterval is set to 60, but this *does not* appear to be doing the trick - the emonGLCD is not displaying the actual time. The Pi itself *is* OK and reports the time correctly.

# This listener manages the RFM2Pi module
    type = OemGatewayRFM2PiListener
        com_port = /dev/ttyAMA0
        sgroup = 210
        frequency = 4
        baseid = 19
        sendtimeinterval = 60


Anyone have any idea what might not be working ?




(ps managed to get the switches in and working .. when I first looked it seemed impossible, but a super fine soldering iron tip and a steady hand has done the trick!)

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Re: emonGLCD - how to show actual time

Incidentally, this "missing time" issue was solved  ... take a look here



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