Using Automagic on Android

Since I can extract feed values using Emoncms API it is very easy to display the data on mobile.

I use Automation app on Android called Automagic but there are many other ways.

On this tool I set a timer for periodical time intervals and the action is HTTP call using the API, the returned value is put into app global value.

And then I created screen widget using same tool which display the value of the variable, so I have on my mobile always the value of let's say the temperature in my room.

Similarly I can act based on the value such as vibrate my phone if the value is XXXXX,

This is Automagic flow which stores the value of one of my feeds in global variable

This is how it looks on my screen (did not pay any attention to graphic) 

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Re: Using Automagic on Android

This is interesting, but a little beyond my capabilities.  Can you give an example of how you extract feed values using the API?  I'd like to try this but I need a little help getting started.



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