Writing SD Card Image - Win32DiskImager Problems [SOLVED]


Having issues using Win32DiskImager. I have downloaded the image file, unzipped it ready to write. I have downloaded Win32DiskImager and unzipped it, and run it as administrator. But I when I try to write the file it gets to around 10% then gives me the error message below, any ideas?


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Re: Writing SD Card Image - Win32DiskImager Problems [SOLVED]

It seems that the SD card reader is the problem. I was using an Integral USB adapter like the one below. I've bought a new one (memory2go multi-card reader) which works fine.

In case anyone searches the forums for the Win32DiskImager error code here it is;

"An error occurred when attempting to write data to handle.

Error 2: The system cannot find the file specified."

I was using windows 7 and Win32DiskImager version 0.9.


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Re: Writing SD Card Image - Win32DiskImager Problems [SOLVED]

Glad to hear that you got it working with a different USB>SD reader.   As the lead developer for WIn32DiskImager, I sometimes run a google search for reviews, issues (like yours), and knock-offs.


If you could, please post a bug report on either http://sourceforge.net/projects/win32diskimager or https://launchpad.net/win32-image-writer with detailed information on your hardware.  The more information, the better.  Feature requests are also quite welcome.


There are two possible scenarios that could be causing this issue:

  1. Your SD Card reader uses a different interface  (PCIe, SATA, I2C, etc) to connect instead of USB.
  2. As you are starting to write the image, as soon as Windows sees the new partition table (first few sectors of data), it tries to take over, clobbering the write handle in Win32DiskImager.


Both of these issues are hard to debug, and even harder without information on your system so that i can attempt a little research (and hopefully similar hardware to reproduce with).

Thanks for using Win32DiskImager.  I hope to release 1.0 before June of this year (very busy with other work and I have a lot of features to add & bugs to fix).

Tobin Davis


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Re: Writing SD Card Image - Win32DiskImager Problems [SOLVED]

Hi there,

I'm currently having issues burning my image onto an SD card using Wind32DiskImager. I always end up having the same message which says " An Error occurred when attempting to lock the volume. Error 5: Access is denied."

I tried testing this issue out while I was user and admin, and when i was admin, I made sure that i was installing the program using admin rights. I then proceeded to insert the .img file and i pressed write. When i got the error message, i thought maybe i should press read instead, but it seems both options give me that error. I tried using 4 SD cards, with different adapters, and then I tried swapping them between the other  micro SD cards. I also checked if the adapters were unlocked, and they were. I also tried this out on 3 different laptops, (2 using Win 7 basic and premium [if that ever mattered] and win8)

If I am doing something wrong, please help me out.

Thank you.

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Re: Writing SD Card Image - Win32DiskImager Problems [SOLVED]

Have you tried "run as administrator" ? If it's not listed with a right click, check the properties options.

The most likely cause is something else accessing the card, make sure all explorer Windows are closed and there's no music players scanning or Windows indexing etc.


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Re: Writing SD Card Image - Win32DiskImager Problems [SOLVED]

I have tried with a different USB port on my laptop and that fixed the problem.

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Re: Writing SD Card Image - Win32DiskImager Problems [SOLVED]

Hey, I have a same error 2 occurred when I attempted to write.

For, who suffered from this problem, I will give a solution.

Change the sd card reader then It should be work. 

your card reader is defective product.

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Re: Writing SD Card Image - Win32DiskImager Problems [SOLVED]

I tend to find that many USB card reader drivers/software have problems on a USB 3 ports. Usually moving to a "slower" USB 2 port fixes the issue.

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