current wireless measurement system

My main business is energy efficiency and I I'd like to explore integration with Arduino systems for two purposes

1. Remote relay control (one base and many clients at home using RF or other Wireless technology ) in reasonable price (not sure this is the forum for that purpose)

2. Current measurement.


I have an Arduino board with some sensors sending data to the Web using Ethernet shield or Serial connection to PC, this data is displayed in Emoncms (example) . I can also use an existing current measurement system I have (OWL) to be displayed on Emoncms in same method, but I'd like the flexibility of Arduino if it's possible, and of course price is critical factor.


What modules are available today?


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Re: current wireless measurement system

You will find details of the kits and modules that are available in the OEM shop on the shop website. In addition, you will find some designs contributed by the community listed under OpenEnergyMonitor Guide and some are to be found here in the forums.

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