wireless electricity monitor sale

Dear All,

This is Rachel from Sailwider, a professional manufacturer and product developer specialized in wireless energy monitor and control system. We have 1-way energy monitor, 2-way energy monitoring and control system, customized in-home displays, and wireless energy gateway which can allow user to monitor and control their energy consumption from internet.

We have rich experience in cooperating with many famous world brand in Europe and North America. I am confident that our product and service will meet your interest.

Pls add skype sailwider007 to know more.

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Re: wireless electricity monitor sale

our website:www.sailwider-smartpower.com

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Re: wireless electricity monitor sale

Hi Rachel,

That looks amazing. Where can I get the hardware and firmware source code of this equipment?

I am interested in the housing as well. Do you have cad files too.

Don't hesitate to keep posting with design files.

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