NanodeRF or Raspberry Pi


I am interested by your solution of the monitoring of the power consumption.
The open source face of your solution is very nice.

I hesitate between your 2 Base Stations.
Raspberry Pi

Because I am not a Fan of the SDCard storage of the Raspberry PI (maybe I'm wrong)
and i already have a Debian/atom server running for my home server.

So, I would like to know if the NanodeRF is a sustainable solution in time, or do you advise me to take directly the Raspberry pi version?

Thank you.


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Re: NanodeRF or Raspberry Pi

Nanoderf is an arduino with rf and network, the only function it will perform is to act as a gateway (unless you are able to modify the firmware on your own). Once configured either something breaks down or it will keep working.

The raspberry as you said may require more attention, but you will be able to use it to perform other tasks if needed.

If you already have an atom server the easiest path would be a nanode, the slightly more complex the raspberry with local sd and forwarding and with a lot more effort a local copy of emoncms with the database on the atom server (can't really see the point since you already have a local server other than using the gpios of the raspberry for other projects like ceiving weather sensors data...)

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Re: NanodeRF or Raspberry Pi



sorry for the late of my answer.

I only comeback to the Forum. and start my project OEMCMS today.


than you for your answer and informations.





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