EmonTX network wired


I just started assembling the EmonTX, now I realise there is only a wireless network connection available.

Does anyone know if a RJ network port on the EmonTX is made and/or how to do this?

regards, Guus

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Re: EmonTX network wired

Hello Guus, there is no standard configuration of the emontx documented for a wired connection but it is possible with a little work. I would recommend familiarizing yourself first with the arduino software serial library and how two arduino's can speak to each other via serial as this is essentially what you need to do:


You could then use either the rx and tx lines used for the FTDI serial programming connection or any of the other spare digital pins, see the emontx schematic here: http://solderpad.com/openenergymon/emontx/


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Re: EmonTX network wired



did anybody implemented this configuration?


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