Power via pulses?

 I see a page on gathering power consumption from the IR pulses of a modern meter (with code for the transmitter), but I don't see any support for this in the ecomBase code.  How are folks capturing power consumption via pulses?




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Re: Power via pulses?

 I have the system working and uploading the realtime power (or close to it) to Pachube. I think I'll have the code compute a 5 min average watthour rate as well, and perhaps a running daily total.  Just thinking of ideas!


It's pretty cool to see a realtime, whole house wattmeter - I can see it change with just about everything I turn on or off.  My "idle" consumption is something I'll have to work on... :-)



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Re: Power via pulses?

 Hi Steve, 

Good work getting a pulse counting system up and running. Transmiting the power value to the emonBase via the RFM12B is not too difficult.

You should be able to use this example: https://github.com/openenergymonitor/NanodeRF/tree/master/nanodeRF_ctonly and just change the structure (line 35) to match that being sent from the emonTx. If your using the emonTx pulse counting and CT example then this will be:

typedef struct {

   int power; // power value
          int pulse; //pulse increments
          int ct1; //CT reading
} Payload;

The power value (from the pusle counter) can now received on the base station and posted be posted online. For increased Kwh accuracy you might want to also post the pulse increments and calculate the Kwh on the server. emoncms can do this calculation. 

All the best, Glyn. 

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