Need help connection to my own basestation

Hi all,

I want to connect the RFM12 board to my alix board so i can use it as a base station.

On page 13 and 14 of the documentation of the board  i found this:

J5/J3/ J5 COM1 serial port
The standard PC pinout is used. To connect to a PC, use a null modem or “Laplink” cable. Due to
limitations of the AMD CS5536 companion chip, only RXD / TXD are available for your software;
handshake signals cannot be observed or controlled !
1 DCD data carrier detect (input) - not available on CS5536
2 RXD# receive data (input)
3 TXD# transmit data (output)
4 DTR data terminal ready (output) - always driven active
5 GND ground
6 DSR data set ready (input) - not available on CS5536
7 RTS ready to send (output) - always driven active
8 CTS clear to send (input) - not available on CS5536
9 RI ring indicator (input) - not available on CS5536
J14 / J17 / J19 COM1 serial port (3.3V levels, build option)
This header is available on alix.2d / alix.3d / alix.6b and later. This port is connected in parallel with

the MAX3243 RS-232 driver, remove this part if CMOS level serial port is desired as an alternative.

Now my question is.. Can i connect the Pre-Assembled Raspberry Pi Expansion board to my alix board using the COM serial ports? If yes - Then how?

The schematics for the Alix can be found here:


Any Advice will be highly appreciated.


// Rasmus

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Re: Need help connection to my own basestation

It should be fairly easy, try to tap in the 3.3V COM port. it will be best to power the RFM2Pi from the motherboard (3.3V), but if that is not possible, at least ensure common GND. Remember to swap the TX/RX wires. The RFM2Pi runs at 9600 baud.

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