Hardware Choices

Hi all, I can't believe I never heard of OpenEnergyMonitor originally.  Here I am putting together my own build with my limited knowledge of Arduino, and I stumble across this!

I'm wondering, since there seems to be a tiny bit of conflicting info on the website, what is the current "recommended" emonBase for OpenEnergyMonitor?  Raspberry Pi, NanodeRF SMT Arduino, or the OKG?  For my use, I'd like to seriously look at stability and repeatability in a build - and will largely focus on just monitoring current with CTs - the rest is considered "adder" to me and int he future I may expand and use it, but not at this point.

Thanks all, would love to get feedback before I get started.

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Re: Hardware Choices

Since you posted the question, Jérôme has posted this: New emonBase standalone gateway.

The Raspberry Pi is the latest and offers great flexibility as you can see - it will also function as an emoncms server.
I've handled both the NanodeRF and the OKG bases. The OKG is a simpler construction (less components to mount) and the Ethernet interface is largely self-contained so there is more memory available for extra functions, in the event that you need them. The Ethernet interface also seems to be more solid, though I've only ever used both for testing, never 'in production'. I don't have a Pi so I cannot include that in the comparison.

Used as a server, the Pi does suffer the well-documented problem of SD card life. A spinning hard disk can of course be used instead, or a USB stick.

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Re: Hardware Choices

Now I understand it more from your explanation and doing it slowly and construct with my own way. If you want, I can share to you my portfolio or simply contact us to let you see our projects and other activities where you could also learn and get some ideas as well.

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