Missing files (last 15 days) after drupal update

In the process of updating drupal( the software that runs this website) to keep it secure. I made a careless mistake and lost the last 15 days of uploaded files. The database is unaffected (all forum topic text, page text content is ok).

Something went wrong while moving the files folder to the new drupal installation, there was a permission denied error which then left both the target and the source files folder empty and so we had to pull in the files from the backup which was not quite as up to date as it should have been (mistake 1). There's an automatic daily backup of the database but the file backup is done manually. The second mistake was to use move rather than copy and then delete once the copy was verified to be successful. The 3rd mistake was not to follow the update instructions precisely in an attempt to minimize downtime of the upgrade.

This affects profile pics and forum images/files changed or added in the last 15 days. If you still have the files on your computer and can re-upload them that would be great.

Im really sorry about this