Update on 3D printed case

Hi all, the plastic surround case for version 1.5 GLCD plywood is pretty much done. The buttons are separate 3D printed bits of plastic.

Prototyping fully 3D printed version without the ply fascias next. Coming up.

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Re: Update on 3D printed case

I found this really cool idea. I'll try it here in Brazil. Do you know if the drawings skethchup are ready to send to a professional printer to print in 3D?

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Re: Update on 3D printed case

Very nice Dan! and thanks for reuploading the zip. 

For those interested, here's the case image for quick viewing:

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Re: Update on 3D printed case

Having recently bought a 3D printer to solve an entirely different problem I thought I'd have a go at printing Dan's case.

It worked well and the finished result is a vast improvement over just the plywood panels. After designing a few things in Sketchup myself now I can see the amount of time that Dan must have spent on this project so thanks for designing and sharing this Dan.

There is however an issue with the button design in the zip file. They are too small (or the holes are too large) so they just fall out, and if held in the correct place they permanently press the switches. I scaled the buttons up to fit the holes and put an indent in the back to allow the buttons to release. I've attached the corresponding .stl file.

There are a couple of other issue which might be addressed in any future versions of the case...

The design requires the display to be assembled with the 8mm spacers between the front panel and the PCB and the 10mm spacers between the PCB and the rear panel. This appears to be the opposite way round to the GLCD build guide (although I think it is the build guide that is wrong in this instance as the 8mm spacers leave very little clearance for the components).

The hole for the USB plug is sort of house shaped whereas all the plugs I have are rectangular and don't really fit (from the photos it looks like the shop plug is also rectangular).

There is no hole (or thinning of the case) to allow light to reach the LDR.

There is no provision for the aerial. I tried bending it around the inside of the case like some commercial units do but it significantly reduces the receiver sensitivity. For now I've pocked it out of the FTDI hole.

Still a good design though and definitely something that should be available in the shop in some form.

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Re: Update on 3D printed case

Only just seen this now! I've been away for several months, and still am!

I'd drawn up and prototyped laser cut Acrylic front and back for a different style of case. Looked better than the burnt ply vs white plastic. (although burnt ply on black plastic might look cool..)

Here are the files for the new case and laser cut acrylic front and back.. Choose your own colours of course.

Next, working on a GLCD case that can be fitted onto a standard household electrical backbox. House embedded!

Thanks. Good to see the thing printed elsewhere, and such a fine quality print too! Which printer do you have?


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Re: Update on 3D printed case

Forgot. That case I just uploaded has no holes for USB, FTDI or buttons.. I'll take a look at it next week sometime.

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Re: Update on 3D printed case

Also.. I made this but didn't take it too seriously.. Food for thought I guess. Interested in feedback. Glyn and I decided that low profile lithium ion battery would be best in the but this case was for AAs.. Something to persue?

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Re: Update on 3D printed case

Any chance you could post some photos of renders? I'm on my phone and can't open zip. Sorry for being lazy! 

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Re: Update on 3D printed case


BTW Glyn I'm not getting followup notification emails on threads.

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Re: Update on 3D printed case

That’s really cool, TrystanLea. I can picture my next 3D print designs and project. 3D printing is indeed limitless. I’m done with 3D printed smartphone cases; next stop are phone holders and gadget protectors. You think it would be cool to be produce intricate and multicoloured objects using Flexible Elastic Rubber filament- http://www.3d2print.net/shop/filament/elastic-filament/? Any thoughts?

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