3D printed case available!

Hi everyone, I'm new here but have been working with Trystan on an improvement to the GLCD case. This has been designed to work with the megni.co.uk laser cut case and the features are:

  • Snug fitting recesses for the ply covers.
  • Space to comfortable slot the device into position.
  • Plentiful space for the USB and FTDI ports.
  • Reset switch hole.
  • Thinner material around the LED positions for a diffuse glow.
  • Tough PLA plastic in white (other colors and materials soon available).

Currently I'm happy to print this out for £20 not including delivery. Does this seem reasonable?

The design could evolve. Maybe it's version 0.1 of what could eventually become an injection molded case.

Feedback welcome!

Happy building!


dgbates2 [at] gmail o com

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Re: 3D printed case available!

Here are the source files in a zip.

[See also the update http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/node/2620  - RW]

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Re: 3D printed case available!

Looks good Dan.

I'm a bit confused by the photos though as it looks like your programming port is on the right whereas it is normally on the left. Is this a different version of emonGLCD?

Also what do you mean by reset switch hole? Do you mean the top button? What about access to the other 2 buttons?


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Re: 3D printed case available!

I'd preffer something with a better design, wife acceptance is a must so i would ditch the laser cuted wood.

Anything apple like, simple, white and curved, seems fine.

See some simple but nice 'house' design here:



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Re: 3D printed case available!


I was thinking about the same but completely made off laser cutted acrylic glass of some color, including the front and back plate.
And if I would print it I would try to get rid of the front screws.

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Re: 3D printed case available!

Thanks for the comments so far.

This case was seen by me and Trystan as an intermediate between the laser cut ply and something more sleek. A combination of clear and opaque acrylic will likely be the final materials of choice, we're still exploring options.

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Re: 3D printed case available!

I should add this is compatible with the openenergymonitor.org laser inscribed case also, the different versions have the same dimensions.

And sorry I don't know about any other buttons and don't know about alternative locations for the FTDI and USB ports.

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Re: 3D printed case available!

Dan: Yes sorry my fault, I gave you the only other emonglcd I had build up here which was the version before the 3 switches, and yes completely forgot that the ftdi and usb had moved to the other side that must have been v1.2 to v1.3. I will build up a v1.5 and bring it over when we meet this weekend.

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Re: 3D printed case available!

I would do away with the wood altogether, as its 3D printed it would be easy to incorporate the graphics/logos etc in an etched manner that could be filled with a colored resin. I take it the color choice would be down to what plastic is available. 

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Re: 3D printed case available!

BTW: The guys from Fabbster gave me some sticks of a 3D-printable wood/plastic resin, that if printed somehow smells like wood, looks like wood and even feels a little bit like wood. You can even print fake annual growth rings with it if you can change the temperature of the head a bit while printing.

And some MDF, or a different kind of wood, maybe painted, stained or coated could look better than the burned up plywood now. But maybe yes, some colored acryl is fine. There are even mirror-like looking plates out there!
I think mine would be an acryl with some old style silverish hammer paint on it or maybe a brass colored one with a Nixie tube on top.


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Re: 3D printed case available!

hmm.. i was thinking af something like the pibow case for raspberry pi...


laser cut plexiglas cut so the first few layers support  the board and the next ones on top holds the board down

and in corners taped holes so you can screw it together from the buttom side... maybe integrate holes in teh buttom layer so you can hang it on a screw in the wall like a modem or something like it...


same idea could be used for emon tx etc etc...


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