Energy monitor, weather data and more

Hey guys,

just wanted to add my setup to the showcase.

I ended up creating a dedicated blog post here:

In short, my setup consists of two emonTx nodes (868Mhz), a raspberry pi, some weather sensors and a relay control board to activate flood pupms when needed

I used the sketch as a base and added the temperature monitoring parts and the optical sensor parts.

Also, I added the ability to request data (thorugh I2C and Wire calls) to a slave board that has no wireless capability 





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Re: Energy monitor, weather data and more

Very impressive Mattia.

With so many feeds, how are managing long-term data storage, or are you weeding data after 'x' months.


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Re: Energy monitor, weather data and more

Hi Paul,

at the moment no weeding, and waiting for further experiments from Trystan on the new ways to store and use timedata series.

As for occupied space I decided to kill two birds with one stone and moved all frequently changing folders off the sd card on a network drive (mysql data, apache logs, weather station data and all other stuff that could wear down the sd card with too many writes).

At the moment (and it's been running with all the feeds for almost two months) the total space used by the emoncms schema is around 200MB, so it will need around 1-1.5GB per year of space. Unless the increasing rows in the feed tables cause a noticeable slowdown I don't think I'll ever need to prune them.

What I did to achieve this was mapping on boot some directories via nfs to my NAS, and change mysql to use the networked data directory and apache to write the logs on it's dedicated network mounted dir.

It's not a completely read only solution, but I think it reduces the writes by a lot and (Murphy notwihtstanding) should lenghten the life of the SD card. And even if it doesn't, all the data and the config files are on the network drive (that has mirrored drives) and with a little reconfiguration could be brought back online in a not too long time. As you can probably tell I'm much more experienced in using linux systems than fiddling with electronics stuff so for me it's the best balance between flexibility (not having a completely read only system that cannot change unless you recreate the image) and data security.



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Re: Energy monitor, weather data and more

I found your fantastic project.

You've made many interesting changes. Also accompany the site openenergymonitor and have some applications. Nothing as professional as yours. I'm learning a lot in recent times. One of the coolest things I found was the arduino. I have a RS485 network connecting multiple slaves (Arduinos) and everyone talking to a supervisor opensource called scadabr. I live in Brazil and I'm using the google translator. Forgive me if I do not understand something.
I'll wait for you to post your photos of the assembly.

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Re: Energy monitor, weather data and more

Thanks farmsid,

I'm on vacation right now,but as soon as i get back I'll definitely have some photos to back up the post.

Take care

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Re: Energy monitor, weather data and more

Hey guys, just added a new post that details the other part of my arduino home projects, as soon as I put it online (that will require to do some rewiring) I'll take some photos also of the OEM stuff



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Re: Energy monitor, weather data and more

Congrats, great work on the setup and on the reporting !!


Thanks for sharing.

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Re: Energy monitor, weather data and more

Hi Mattia,
Excelent proyect and apoprtations to SWPI

I have the next configuration:
Base EmonBase (Raspberry)
  RFM01    868 - Receive data from wheader station
  RFM12Pi 868 - Recive data from EmonTX
  RFM12 868
Weather station: PCE-FW20

I would like to know how you connect EmonTx with EmonBase

My problem:
I have connected he RFM01(868) and RFM12PI_V2(868) at the same time
When alone connect, work perfectly, but when I connect them together, one does not work.
Both share the GPIO1 (3.3V) and GPIO6 (GND) of the raspberry.
They may interfere with each other?

how can you recommended for avoid this problem?

I understand you use a wire connection for emonBase (Raspberry) to emontx

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