ITeadStudio CT Question

I purchased two CT's from ITeadStudio, and followed the info in


I checked the CT's with a DMM, and preseto! Ac Voltage which lined up to what the current draw was (0.333v scale) - Then, added a full wave rectifier, presto, DC Voltage, solid and stable with no major fluctations.

All was going good, so I hooked the neg to neg on the Arduino, pos to A0, and WHAM - numbers all over the place. Watching it with the DMM and serial output at the same time, DMM was correct, arduino was still all over the place,.

So, next step was to set it up exactly as the version 3 design here ... with the exception of the burden resistor (built in, hence the voltage output)

Still having the same effect, DMM shows correct voltage coming from the CT's, shows correct voltage going INTO the arduino, however, serial output from the analogRead(0) shows ranges from 0 to 1024  (Although the voltage is sitting at 2.68vDC from the CT - not 5vDC))

Further info - 9vDC wall wart, Xbee for wireless communications (Which is working properly) also correctly pushing DS18B20 temp information over the air.

Any idea's, suggestions, comments, question? Im all ears. I've gotta get this thing working!

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Re: ITeadStudio CT Question

When you connected it as in mains ac non-invasive 3 the output should not be DC it should be AC fluctuating around 2.5V. Try running the sampler program here do you see an AC waveform.

What does your DMM say when set to AC voltage? It can be at 2.6V DC but still have a an AC component.


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