Sampler 2.0

Still in development but may be useful and easier to use than VISampler.

Main features

  • Select arduino from USB port drop down list
  • Take samples at different sample rates
  • Select any analog input or multiple analog inputs
  • See a zoom-able, pan-able graph.
  • Get Mean and Standard deviation of sample

Download: Waveform

To run

  1. Make sure you have java, rxtx lib etc installed: go through this page first: Install Java and RXTX
  2. Upload SamplerSketch to Arduino
  3. Run SamplerProgram by typing java Program into a terminal window (capital P important) in the SamplerProgram directory.
  4. Select USB port and click start!



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Re: Sampler 2.0

hello, this java softwares look great !!
I know nothing about java and trying to make it work in windows 7 is killing me.

Is it possible to upload a compile version of the programs for easy usage? something you can just double click and use? or if not, maybe a .bat file that does the work? just put the right files inside a folder and execute the .bat?

thanks for your help

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Re: Sampler 2.0

I will be honest, Im not entirely sure how to do it and especially on windows, it would take some research. If you could have a look into it that would be awesome.

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Re: Sampler 2.0

I followed all the steps and I can launch the Sampler program, but Under "choose port" there is nothing to choose, the list opens empty :(
Help plz

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Re: Sampler 2.0

 This happened me also. running Ubuntu 10.10]. It's now working, but I'm not getting kst graphs yet, so I need to take a look at the kst installation.

I was getting an error message from Arduinocomm, saying 'package does not exist' .

 - I hadn't extracted all the rxtx files; I was missing the gnu folder completely. 

Also make sure you've copied the rxtx library files correctly per I had them in the incorrect directory initially.  


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Re: Sampler 2.0

 Same problem in Ubuntu 10.10 and Win XP :(

Empty list, although arduino is detected in the system

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Re: Sampler 2.0

I will have a look

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Re: Sampler 2.0

It work here, maybe try recompiling it with: javac *.java