emonTxShield + Arduino Uno

Hello Everyone,

I just received this week the emonTxShield with no RF for Arduino. Have solder all components and doble checked every thing! Solder the pins to Dig10 and Dig5 for Arduino Uno.

The sensor i bought are the SCT-013-000.

2 days now trying to put thos to work and i'm running out of ideas. I can read the voltage but not the current :S

Can someone help me??


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Re: emonTxShield + Arduino Uno

We need more information.

Serial ouput data, pictures of the setup, which code are you using (your code, not a link to a website).

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Re: emonTxShield + Arduino Uno

How are you trying to measure the current?

A common mistake is to clip the c.t around an extension cable and expect to read something, and instead it reads nothing. You must clip the CT around only the line conductor or only the neutral. The c.t. picks up the magnetic field around a conductor. If  you clip it around both line and neutral, because the currents in the two conductors should be equal but flow in opposite directions, the magnetic fields cancel each other, and you will read almost nothing.

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Re: emonTxShield + Arduino Uno

Massive beginner mistake :$ You were right Robert... I forgot that simple particularity... THANKS for reminding :)

The code is attached to this post Sergegsx



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