Elster A100C IrDA help

Does anyone have any experience with the Elster A100C and know if IrDA can be enabled and disabled by the energy company?

The reason i ask is because i put my camera on my iphone next to it to see if it pulsed and IR light and it doesn't seem to flash at all even though i read that it pulses each second.




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Re: Elster A100C IrDA help

Do you have the correct camera and the correct iPhone? (see here). The Elster manual is available from Stephen P Wales Ltd. There's no mention in the manual of the IrDA port being optional, but the data rate is configurable.

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Re: Elster A100C IrDA help

I put my macbook webcam in front of it and you can see it yes. I also put a remote control in front of my iphone and i seen an infared light. But it is behind a black filter so i guess it double filtered the camera enabling me to see it... I didn't know apple put a filter on it.



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