CT lead extension ?

Is it possible to extend the CT lead ? I am looking at extending it about 8 metres for my Mk2 PV 'router' which is running in my house.

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Re: CT lead extension ?

I don't expect a problem. You need to use a screened twisted pair ("microphone" cable) and earth the screen at the c.t. end for preference, or if that's not possible at the router end, but earth it independently of any connection to the processor ground, i.e. take it directly to a good earth. Leave the other end of the screen unconnected, and use the two cores for the c.t. connections. (It's quite easy to open up the standard c.t. and solder the new cable directly to the small p.c.b. inside.)

Others have reported successfully using longer runs than your 8 m.

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Re: CT lead extension ?

We have successfully extended CT's up to 50m using unscreened cat 5 cable on the ImmerSun units - a commercially available product ( (http://www.microgenerationpowermanager.com/ ) and even run 3 CT's on a 3 phase installation using 3 pairs of the cat 5 so I doubt that you would have a problem.  - The CT leads that come with the ImmerSun are 6 m long anyway.

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