RESOLVED - emonGLCD breakout pins?

I am trying to find 2 pins to use on the back of the emonGLCD, I need 1 x digital, 1 x analog....

I can't work out how to identify the pin numbering from the schematic at:-


I was hoping to use pin2 and pin5 on the jeeport expansion as DIG8 and ADC2....

I have referncenced them as :-

const int pump=8;             
const int motorspd=2;




pinMode(pump, OUTPUT);
 pinMode(motorspd, OUTPUT);




if blah blah then


digitalWrite(heatpump, HIGH);        
analogWrite(motorspd, 200);

      } else {                            

digitalWrite(heatpump, LOW);
analogWrite(motorspd, 0);



the digital one seems to sort of work ok, it switchs on/off ok but I get a low voltage, between 1.7v > 2.4v (on a multimeter)

if/when I add the code above for pin2 the emonGLCD crashes and doesnt work at all?


Help please, are these even the right pins to use, and are the numbers (8,2) I am using right?






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Re: RESOLVED - emonGLCD breakout pins?

I answered my own question with trial and error:-

const int pump=8;              //DI06 on GLCD marked as Jeeport
const int motorspd=4;        //Pin17 on the GLCD (strip at the bottom)




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