emonGLCD "emontx fail"

good morning

I am a user of Openenergymonitor Italian, sorry for my not perfect English.

I have a problem with EmonGLC.

Following the guide I assembled emonGLCD, the test voltage appeared ok, done it all and loaded the sketch of the test works.

Now when I loaded the firmware "OpenEnergyMonitor" the display is divided into 4 parts as images on the site, only the bottom the dysplay it says "emontx fail" in fact does not update with the parameters measured by Shield, everything remains at zero.

Is not printed on the serial on activity, it is right?

What can' be not working? I'm thinking that the problem can  on RFM12B RF transceiver module



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Re: emonGLCD "emontx fail"

As you have correctly decided, emonTx fail means that it is not receiving data from the emonTx.

Is the RF frequency and Group set correctly in your sketch? Have you set the correct Node ID for both the emonTx and the emonBase? If you have used the example sketches and not changed anything, these should be correct, except that the RF frequency in both your emonTx and your emonGLCD must be correct for the RFM12B modules that you used - and both must be the same, of course.

Do you have a base? - if yes, is that receiving data?

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Re: emonGLCD "emontx fail"

Good evening, both modules lRFM12Pi v2 868Mhz, setting that I have inserted in the sketch of emonGLCD, the node I left the default 20.

I may have found what does not work, I connected the emontx-sheild on the arduino MEGA, and after loading the sketch of the plate the LED is always on, while on a video I saw that should flash.

I had read that it was compatible with UNO, 2009, I leonardo, but I thought that would work with the MEGA.

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Re: emonGLCD "emontx fail"

Sorry, but it looks as if the shield is not compatible with the Mega. I have just compared these two diagrams:



and it is clear that the lines used by the RFM12B are not in the same places.


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