3rd party energy meter (RS485 output) + gprs modem to emoncms

Good Day All,

I just came across emoncms and I am very interested in experimenting with it.

However, I have a few questions that I hope can be answered.

1. If I have a 3rd party energy meter, say the PowerScout from Dent Instruments, that has an RS485 output, and I hook it up to a GPRS/3G modem, can I port the data to emoncms?

2. The meter measures up to 50 parameters and outputs about 15 different readings, I can send all those readings to emoncms?

3. what detailed information would I need from the meter to be able to know what information is which?

4. I can port the data from the gprs modem direct to emoncms right?

5. would I still need an emonBase?

Hope somebody can assist me here.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: 3rd party energy meter (RS485 output) + gprs modem to emoncms

You can send your data directly if you manage to let your device format it according to the input API. Here's an example:


Node is the number you arbitrarily attribute to your device. The trailing values are the values you measure. There are other syntaxes available, some of which allowing you to set a value name, but the idea is the same.

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