EmonTx Shield on Arduino Mega

Hello Everyone,

This is my first post here, so forgive my ignorance on some questions.

I'm building a project for university based on a EmonTx Shield. Although i've been trying to discover if this shield is compatible with Arduino mega 2560 i only can find reference to the compatibility to Uno and Leonardo board.

But i found on youtube this same shield working on a Mega.



Does anyone have any reference to this!?
Also I've notice that some of the resistances on the top of the shield are not there and the solder that defines the pins and arduino board used are not soldered.


Thanks in advance


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Re: EmonTx Shield on Arduino Mega

This guys you tube name (gysmovoile) doesn't come up on the member search so unless you strike lucky type mega into the search and start going through the threads.

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Re: EmonTx Shield on Arduino Mega

Why don't you do the necessary checks yourself? Get the PCB layout, circuit diagrams and port mappings for both the Mega 2560 and the Uno or Leonardo (or both) and compare them? If they are the same, there is a good chance that it is compatible.

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Re: EmonTx Shield on Arduino Mega

The reason the foruns exists is to share information and don't "waist" time doing things other people already done!
But thanks anyway!!!

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