Arduino UNO Drivers

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I want to start build the Bee Hive Monitor and have bought a UNO and the Ethernet board. I'm having some issues with the board, the first was that I had to power it from an external source - no major issue.
My biggest problem is that I can't install the drivers for the device under windows 7 64bit OS.
I looked like the VID and PID was wrong in the INF file. I changed these to toughs detected by windows. Windows tried to install but now I get a device not working code (10).
It seems that the Linux distros also have a problem with the new UNO boards.
I have tried searching for a solution but have not been able to find one.

Are there any windows developers here that had similar problems, or any one with some suggestions?



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Re: Arduino UNO Drivers


I've not actually used an offical Arduino Uno. Have you followed the instructions here: Try googleing the problem. I've heard people having issues with windows 7, I use linux myself. 

Sorry I couldnt be more helpful! 

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Re: Arduino UNO Drivers


Thanks for the reply.

I did follow the instructions on the Arduino website and google did not provide any working solutions either. In the end I tried it on a XP machine and it works great. 

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