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Hello everyone,

I searching for my thesis and as i searching I find this site and i find it useful from the little things I read.

My thesis will be about a web based control and monitoring of a country house. The energy comes from solar panels only and I would like to see the energy levels of the batteries, to monitor the security system of the house (via web cam, sms in emergency, security lights in the perimeter of the house ) and  maybe some other functionalities (automated watering).

I have 2 options :

-to use a simulation tool (if it is exist)

- to make a real topology but i m afraid that the cost maybe huge. (i have the basics, solar panels on the roof and the house works only with solar energy bout I don't know the remaining cost for the monitoring)

Do you know if there is a simulation tool for these?

Thank you in advance


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Re: Simulation tool

You can estimate the cost of a monitoring system by looking at what might be required here and the visiting the shop to obtain prices. If you want boxes etc remember to add the cost of these and mounting hardware to the total.

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