Range Checker Tool for Analog Inputs

Some months ago, I posted a simple tool for displaying raw data from the ADC.  Although very basic, that tool appears to have been helpful to many constructors.  Unfortunately, it has also hindered at least one person owing to my erronious comment as to which analog input is used for which function (voltage is normally sensed at A2 rather than A1).  Sorry about that.

Anyway, here is a slightly more refined version.  Without need for any modification, this version will repeatedly display three values for each of the first four analogue inputs, A0 - A3, as used on an emonTx.  These are: the minimum value, the maximum value, and the range between them.  The latter value is particularly useful as this allows the sensor's sensitivity to be adjusted to match the maximum size of signal that is likely to encountered.

The min and max values are reset each time, so there's no need to keep re-starting the sketch.  As attached, along with an output file.

If there are any problems with it, please let me know.  Thanks.


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Re: Range Checker Tool for Analog Inputs

The initial version of this tool doesn't behave properly when the output values exceed 3-digits. 

Version 2, as attached, should be OK.

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