emonTx questions, battery - dht22 - nanode+pi

Hi, my emonTx (3 phases, current only) and nanode have been running for about 2 weeks now (also see http://lantaukwcounter.blogspot.hk/), and i have a couple of questions:

1. my 2xAA battery voltage is going down fast, from 3.2V to 3V in 2 weeks (new Duracell); is this normal? maybe the warm and humid climate of Hong Kong (25deg, 90%) makes it go down faster? will a below 3V battery voltage affect my data? will the emonTx stop working at a certain voltage?

2. i want to measure temperature and humidity and will get Martin's funky+dht22, but I was wondering if i can also fit a dht22 directly to my emonTx? i have seen the example of a reduced emonTx as a low power temp node, but can it do this while 3 CT's are operating? for temp+humidity i would only need data every 10min.

3. my nanode is posting to the emoncms.org server but i would also like to get the data to my raspberry pi. i am really not an expert in arduino, but don't think there is an acknowledgement between emonTx and emonbase, right? so catching the RF data on both devices would not interfere?

by the way also thanks for the wonderful documentation, even with my limited hardware/software knowledge my installation went quite smoothly.


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Re: emonTx questions, battery - dht22 - nanode+pi

1/ I can't comment on the discharge speed, but yes, it will stop working at some point. 3 V is fine. 2,4 V is not enough (tested by me).

2/ I believe it is feasible. At least I don't think the CT interfere.

3/ Why not use your RPi as emonBase ?


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