first try's with the ras pi..

so i came arround to get this running...

looking at the interface i have a few q's:

1. under input it says no inputs created and how to connect up a nanoderf...

q1: is that just an lefterover from porting to the rasberry pi and would setting up group id etc be enough to allow nodes to send data?


that was pretty much all for now...

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Re: first try's with the ras pi..

Hello boelle. Did you download the ready to go image from the wiki? or install everything from scratch? I see your other post of course, Do you see a tab called raspberrypi in the top menu bar? Yes ignore the how to connect up your nanode part. The readme for the raspberrypi module has details on running the gateway scripts (either python or php of your choice) that receive data from the rfm12pi adapter board

You may want to take the opportunity at this stage to update to the latest version of emoncms. See upgrading from version 4.0 to 5.0 steps here:



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