I want to use Emoncms in my company with a s7 1200 plc from Siemens , i get pulse signals S0 from the powermeters to the input from the CPU , i haved made a VB.net application that sends the values to Emoncms , can i use Emoncms in my company ? or i need a license ? 


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Re: Emoncms

You do not need a license, but if your company is honest and ethical, and if it saves some money, I am sure OpenEnergyMonitor would accept a contribution to the costs of maintaining this website, operating emoncms.org and writing the software. But be aware that if you use emoncms.org, there is no backup of your data, so if security of your data is important you should use your own server.

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Re: Emoncms

Hello thanks for the reply 

I will run emoncms in a own server in my company .

I was thinking the same about a contribution , first of all i have to finish it , so that my company sees that it works , i haved do some tests before and it is looking very good , i am sure that my company will like to make a contribution to this great project.


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