SOLVED: Data from local Raspi emoncms to

Hello folks,

Sorry, I'm sure this is documented somewhere, but if someone could point me in the right direction? I have my data logged to a raspberry pi install of emoncms, which then uploads to

I'm trying to install the same system in at another house, I copied the SD and installed the hardware and all is running great locally. I've created a new account and in the http://localhost/emoncms/raspberrypi/view I've put in and my new api write key.

I get an "Authentication successful" message but I don't have any inputs on my new emoncms account.

What am I forgettting? Many thanks.

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Re: SOLVED: Data from local Raspi emoncms to

Rebooted Pi and all fine. Sorry. LESSON: ALWAYS REBOOT BEFORE POSTING!

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