Leaonardo + RFM12b problem

Hi, I need your advice,

as based on materials found on this forum and jeelab i am trying to do prototype leaonardo + rfm12b a

and send some data over the radio.


I have mounted two the same sets leonardo _rfm12b (as shown on attached picture) modules are 433MHz and antena is simple piece of wire around 16cm

but i cant to get working to and can't see on serial output on the other side.

1) is there any trick needed to be done before it start to work?

2) or wiring is not good enough.

3) how to trouble shoot this setup? how to be sure that leonardo talks RFM12b module vice versa  (how to check it)

i am desperate for you advice




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Re: Leaonardo + RFM12b problem

I guess you have seen that: http://openenergymonitor.blogspot.com/2012/06/arduino-leonardo-atmega32u4-and-rfm12b.html


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Re: Leaonardo + RFM12b problem


Wiring on my prototype is based on drawing from that page.

And still it want to talk over the radio.

I am not sure if such bad wiring as on my picture can cause SPI to not work as SPI uses MHz for transmission?



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Re: Leaonardo + RFM12b problem

I'm certainly no expert but is the RFM12B board setup correctly?

From the Jeelabs page for this module http://jeelabs.com/products/rfm12b-board

"When using the RFM12B Board in a 3.3V setting, this version should suffice - just add the C2/C3 decoupling capacitors and an RFM12B 868 MHz module or 433 MHz module radio."

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Re: Leaonardo + RFM12b problem

I will try to add caps but i am skeptic as it  power supply which goes from 3.3 pin in arduino.

but i will try any way.




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