Simplest RF-free set-up ?


I want to add energy-measurement within a home-automation project but :

- I have already too many "geek" boxes in my set-up (from my wife's point of view !) : NAS, Raspberry (fOpenVPN gateway + local web server), internet router, video player, home automation box, webcam, alarm, secure supply...  so I try as much as possible to refrein from adding any !!

- AND, I am beginning to be a bit RF-conscious and don't want to add more RF emissions to my existing installation (Wifi + wireless alarm + Z-wave...)

So I plan to pull an Ethernet-cable next to the electric meter to connect there to the measuring device (no-RF "emonTX"), and to run data-collection, history and saving in MySQL directly from the existing raspberry (or the NAS) through Ethernet.

Would the set-up work with an Arduino Ethernet + emonTX shield (no-RF) ? With possible 2-3 emonTx shield for numerous measures ?

Is the emonBase really needed ? or can I run some software (emonbase ? emoncms ?) directly on the raspberry ?

Has somebody already done this set-up ?

Thank you for your help !

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Re: Simplest RF-free set-up ?

You could install emonCMS on the Raspberry with the Arduino nodes sending the json string over ethernet back to it.

In theory I think its possible to use an Arduino Ethernet with an emonTX shield sitting on top.

If you look in the github repository there is a sketch for NanodeRF.  You could possibly fuse one of these sketches with the emonTX sketch to do what you need.

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