Simple set-up for 9-CT monitoring

Dear all,

Looking to monitor multiple energy consumption at my house, I am looking for a set-up enabling to follow at least 9 "lines" of power and consumption, corresponding to 3 categories of devices (total installation + electric heating + water heating) on a 3-phases installation.

I am not a developper, athough a have some past knowledge of computer-science and some limited electronics. I can do some soldering, and minor configuration adaptation, but this is more of less my limits (for now !).

Sensor side : Would it make sense to buy three emonTx kits (=3x3 CT inputs) or is there a way to reduce de sensor hardware by "stacking-up" sensor "extensions" (if they exist) to a single emonTx ? or add multiple emonTx shield to a single Arduino board ?

Base side : would I need a single emonBase, or more than one, to gather all these inputs ?

A bit more general question : what is the refresh rate of the power measures, and is it sufficient for load-controlling (pushing the information quickly enough to another system like home automation so that it can decide if there is an overload and switch off some appliances on a given phase)  ?

Thanks for your help on my feasability assessment of my solution !

Best regards.

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Re: Simple set-up for 9-CT monitoring

Take a look at this to start with.  You should need only one base (unless some transmitters are out of range), and the update rate is set in software, normally 5 seconds but it could be changed (subject to limitations regarding occupancy of the radio channel).

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